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When you partner with nTegrated Payments, you could have the conviction of suppling your merchants with the industry's best! As a reliable advisor in Technology and Payments, nTegrated Payments allow all businesses to process payments in the most secure and effective possible manner.

The nTegrated Partner Program

As a trusted partner in credit card processing and merchant services, nTegrated works with all kinds of businesses, regardless of size. We have built our business on relationships, not contracts and we are experts at helping our clients to make more money.

We partner with associations, financial institutions and ISV’s to help their clients implement digital payments. If you are a part of an organization that could benefit from partnering with nTegrated, we can tailor our support and offering to best suit your group’s businesses.


Increase membership satisfaction and retention with the nTegrated Association Affinity program. Our program enables members to process payments in the most effective, efficient, and secure way possible. The affinity program is a multi-pronged initiative to strengthen businesses in targeted communities through business expertise, thought leadership, and leading digital payment solutions such as point of sale, online/e-commerce processing, and community engagement. A Dedicated Relationship Manager will work with your association to understand the needs of your members and provide the best offers, solutions, products, and services.

Financial Institutions

nTegrated partners with community banks and other financial institutions to offer credit card processing services for existing and potential clients. We are committed to helping you sustain and grow your portfolio of commercial depositors. Your success is aligned to the success of your small and mid-sized business customers, and we have the payment processing, business analytics, and software tools that will keep your customers profitable and growing for years to come.

B2B Independent Software Providers

SaaS companies and ISVs, such as a dental practice management software being sold to dentists, are increasingly recognizing the benefits of monetizing the payments within their systems — We empower software companies to capture the lion’s share of the revenue thorough our PayFac-as-a-Service, without any upfront investment, ongoing overhead, regulatory compliance or liabilities of becoming a fully registered payment facilitator.

Interested in Becoming a Strategic Partner of nTegrated Payments?

Agents - Products, services, and support customized for independent agents.
Operating your own business could be overpowering. nTegrated Payments provide the business tools, training, and support you need to enhance your competencies as you go out into a prospect like no other. We provide agents the skills and capability to have entrepreneurial liberty to make business decisions as they deem important.
Financial Institutions - Specialized offerings for regional banks and credit unions.
nTegrated Payments helps you in increasing account balance and bringing new revenue streams. We act as a reliable advisor which provides a comprehensive offering including; terminal help desk, customer service, marketing material, merchant support, equipment deployment and programming, training and activation, referral updates, and online transaction information. The benefits we offer to our financial partners include; reduced client processing fees; reduced client attrition; reduced offering cost of product or service by gaining a residual income in payment processing; increased cross-sell opportunities; and increased profitability.
Referral Partners - Contemporary, flexible offerings to drive incremental earnings.
Select a partner which covers every basis with end-to-end payment processing and financial technology. Refer merchants to Ntegrated Payments and build a new revenue stream for your business. We partner with Consultants, Executive Coaches, Software Developers, ISV’s, Chambers of Commerce, Affinity Organizations (ex. Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis), local business groups, and more. We offer transparent pricing to your members, a dedicated contact affiliate, 24/7 technical support, all of our payment and POS technology, and a custom referral program that will fit your unique goals and needs. Each and every partnership with Ntegrated Payments is an opportunity for you and your organization to strengthen your business members and the community with all of our innovative tools and technologies along with earning recurring revenue.

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