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We build solutions for merchants across all industries. When you partner with nTegrated Payments, you’ll have everything you need to build a solid foundation to scale and grow your business.

We have an extensive understanding of the healthcare industry and benefit from the advent of payment technologies to secure transactions and keep up with the expectations of consumers.
We provide high-quality support and secure payment methods to the petroleum sector.
Maximize the payment experience with a restaurant POS system that allows a contactless, secure, and seamless transaction anytime, anywhere – on the go, online, or in-person.
Students could depend on our services to pay tuition and fees. The education sector could automate payments across the campus with nTegrated Payments solutions.
Get payments from every e-commerce marketplace to one affiliated account. Receive instant payments from your online stores.
Increase growth and charm customers with a stable positive payment experience whether through a mobile app, online, or in-store. We provide several retail connectivity options and point of sale (POS) solutions to support seamless, secure online and in-store payment acceptance.
Field Service
Invoicing and mobile payment acceptance to every field service provider.
Government & Utilities
Through our advanced technologies and consultative service, we support innovating and digitizing the payment experience for our public sector consumers and their constitutions.
We provide payments solutions to businesses of every size and sector.
Accounting Firms
Get seamless and secure payments for your organization with reduced processing costs.
Banks & Credit Unions
Get online payments with decreased transaction fees and reduced costs of products and services
Churches & Non-Profits
We provide payment solutions tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of churches and the non-profit sector.
If you are in the business of accommodating hotel stays, let us handle the payment experience. Our hospitality merchant services provide convenience, security, and simplicity.

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