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We are seasoned business professionals providing expert advice and resources for Leadership, HR, Revenue Growth and Risk Management.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We have a strong entrepreneurial culture that’s complemented by the scale and expertise of our partners.

Trusted partners

We’re focused on client needs and embrace your challenges as our own.


We do the right thing every time.

Authentic People, Proven Experience

Our Founder and CEO is known for creating Trust and Great Places to Work. Who has he helped?

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Our mission is simple - to make our clients' businesses better

We understand that every business is different - that's why we change the conversation with clients by seeking to understand their business and offer a fresh perspective on their objectives. When you work with the Hepner Group, you will benefit from a team that appreciates you and is a champion for your business.

Exceptional Solutions for Every Outcome

Risk Management

Decoding and disarming risks most likely to affect your business by leveraging our expertise, analysis and insights.

Employee Benefits

Offers employee benefits consulting, brokerage and advisory services with a specific emphasis on accounts with >100 employees.

Cyber Security

Cyber insurance is becoming increasingly important as companies rely more on digital systems and as cyberattacks, ransomware attacks, and data breaches become more prevalent.

Employee Engagement

We are proven experts in this area as we have trained over 500 executive coaches and HR Pros.

Company Culture

We specialize in helping our clients build inclusive Deep Trust, High Expectations workplace cultures where both the business and the people thrive.

Building Sustainable Growth

As Business Growth Consultants, we address the critical challenges and questions facing stakeholders and senior executives. We often get involved in multi-faceted leadership roles along with the complexity of building a sales force capable of exceeding expectations.

Fractional Sales Leadership

Our Outsourced VP of Sales program provides cost-effective, targeted and consistent leadership drives revenues and increases market share.

Business Turnaround

As Business Turnaround consultants we would be typically brought into a company to devise and execute a plan of corporate renewal, assuming that the firm has enough potential to make it worth saving. This is always a challenging aspect of a business that is hard to see internally but we bring in the objectivity to help.

Interim CEO

For established companies, we can provide the leadership required during unexpected events or special projects, such as a technology implementation, an acquisition, joint venture or an unforeseen transition by a top executive. For new companies we can get you up and running in the right direction to exceed strategic plans, goals and prevent those early new company pitfalls.

Authentic Consulting to Help You Grow

We serve as business consultants and champions to help grow your business.

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